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Ice Age Ponds app

The IceAgePonds app is designed to work on the vast majority of Android phones and tablets along with iPhones and iPads.

The app includes information on ice ages, glacial features, Ice Age Ponds and the aquatic invertebrates, amphibians and plants to be found in and around the ponds.

The walks and car and cycle Tours can be downloaded into the app as required. We recommend downloading these using your home Wi-Fi rather than risk disappointment with poor mobile phone connectivity out in the countryside. Once a walk or tour is downloaded you no longer require any mobile phone connection.

When you first start using the app you will receive a request to allow the app to use your devices location. OK this, otherwise you will miss out on having your location shown on the maps and having notifications about information relevant to your location. If you failed to enable location the first time it was requested you may do so at anytime via the Settings for your device, then typically under Privacy, then Location Services where you will find a list of apps on your device and switches to enable/disable location on an app by app basis. 
Note if you are using the app on an iPad which is one of the WiFi only models, then you will not have full GPS available, so expect location information to be very restricted and inaccurate,

Selfies with Ice Creatures

Camera Button
On the walks look out for the camera button showing up in the app. When. visible it means an Ice Age creature is available for a photo opportunity.
Creatures include Mammoths, Whoolly Rhinos, Cave Bears, Hyenas, Cave Lions…
In the camera view you can resize, move about, rotate and apply filters to the creatures.
Photos are saved to your gallery and include scale & other information about the creature.

Irish Elk
Woolly Rhino selfie