Sturts Trail – Pond 1

Sturts - N2

Pond 1
This pond has been heavily modified and has probably been deepened by the extraction of clay for brickmaking. In contrast to many of the seasonal ponds found here at the Sturts, this one remains a pond all year round, providing a valuable habitat for a variety of species

Sturts - S31

Early spring at Pond 1
In early spring look for glutinous masses of frogspawn.

Sturts - S32

Pond 1 in the summer
In the summer, the pond is teeming with life. Expect to see water beetles, diving beetles, water fleas, dragonfly nymphs and aquatic snails.

Sturts - S33

Plant life at pond 1
A variety of pond plants can be seen during the spring and summer including Meadowsweet, Gypsywort, Hemlock Water-dropwort and Brooklime.

Sturts - S34

More plants in and around Pond 1
Other plants seen during the spring and summer include Duckweed, Celery-leaved Buttercup and Branched Bur-reed. The pond is surrounded by Grey Sallow and Crack Willow trees, which are overshadowing parts of the pond.

Sturts - N3

Head towards stop E
Leave Pond 1, heading down Long Meadow towards the gate in the hedge, stop E.