Sturts Trail – Walking south

Sturts - S38

Walking south
The Sturts North is known for having the largest area of grassland with Meadow Foxtail and Great Burnet in Herefordshire, which is a rare and valuable habitat.

Sadly, many floodplain meadows across the UK have been lost to agriculture but designating this area as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) helps to protect this rare habitat and the wildlife it supports.

Sturts - S44

Wildflower meadow
As you walk through the northern meadows in summer, look out for brightly coloured wildflowers such as dark crimson Great Burnet, delicate white Pignut and the egg-yolk yellow flowers of Birds-foot Trefoil.

Sturts - S43

Bright purple Common Knapweed found here is a favourite of many butterflies, so keep an eye out for species like Red Admiral, Meadow Brown and Common Blue.

Sturts - S42

Waterlogged areas
In damper, waterlogged areas of the fields you can find interesting examples of wetland species, including Pepper Saxifrage, Meadowsweet and Lesser Pond Sedge. These species like marshy areas and water margins where they grow densely and provide protection for invertebrates and small amphibians.