Sturts Trail – Cross ditch

Sturts - S48

Cross Ditch
Cross the footbridge over a ditch and veer to your right. The return route of the walk joins at this point from the left. Most of the ditches and field boundaries at the Sturts are flanked by ancient hedgerows, comprised of a mix of native species including oak, elm, blackthorn, hazel and hawthorn. These berry-bearing trees are a vital food source for birds during the winter.

Sturts - S49

Head to gate
Head towards the gate and a pond in a hedgerow (location J). Older hedgerows contain a larger amount of deadwood and plant litter and provide a valuable habitat for many invertebrates, which in turn attract predators such as bats, shrews and birds. They also act as essential ‘wildlife corridors’, connecting habitats and allowing wildlife to move from one environment to another without threat from predators or traffic.