Sturts Trail – Pond by gate

Sturts - S14

Pond by gate
The pond at J is located in a hedgerow and is at a very low point and as a consequence it retains water here for longer periods than some of the other ponds. The very steep slopes at the pond edges indicate that this pond has been dug out in the past. Its origins are probably similar to Pond 2.

Sturts - S14a

Hemlock Water Dropwort
At this pond look out for Hemlock Water Dropwort the most widespread member of this family un the UK.
It is poisonous to cattle (as well as humans).

Sturts - S50

Head towards lone oak
From the pond by the gate head straight across the field, stopping by the oak – point K.

This field sits between Sturts North and South Nature Reserves. As you walk through the land between the sections of the Reserve, there is significant contrast in plant diversity in agriculturally improved fields.