Sturts Trail – Sturts South

Sturts - S56

Sturts South
Continue straight across this field towards a gateway in the hedge in front of you.  The fields at the southern end of the reserve are managed as both hay meadow and as pasture

Sturts - S57

Grassland species
he driest areas here are dominated by grassland species such as Betony, Agrimony, Tufted-hair Grass and Yorkshire-fog.

Look out for bees and butterflies which are attracted to the lilac-blue flower heads of Devils-bit Scabious.

Sturts - GreenWoodpecker

Green woodpecker
Listen for the distinctive ‘yaffling’ call of the green woodpecker as it feeds on anthills which are nestled amongst the grass.

Sturts - S58

Through gap
Walk through this gap in the hedgerow and crossing point of a ditch into the field beyond, which contains an excellent example of an Ice Age pond (kettle-hole).