Sturts Trail – Site of a ‘Ghost Pond’

Sturts - S73

Site of the ‘ghost pond’
This depression is a remnant of a kettle-hole that has been restored as a pond in the summer of 2021.

“Ghost Ponds” are often dry depressions that mark the site of a former kettle-hole pond, which has been lost through the action of ploughing when the land was being farmed.

Sturts - S74

Restored pond
The pond has been restored with 3 distinct depths to support marginal, shallow water and deeper water habitats. The clay of the former glacial lake floor provides excellent water retention. The pond is pictured here in late January 2022, after a number of weeks of low rainfall.

Sturts - S75

Head towards the oak
After walking around the pond head towards the oak where you will find a footbridge.