Sturts Trail – Corner of field

Sturts - S79

Corner of field
In wet conditions patches of water indicate a kettle-hole. In this field there are at least four kettle-holes which have been ploughed over but their location is still marked by water collecting in them and poor crop quality.

Sturts - S79a

Ploughed over hettle-holes
From aerial photos of this area, taken in times of high water levels or after a prolonged dry spell, it is possible to see a large number of these kettle-holes, as areas of the field where crops have failed. These areas would once have been ice-blocks grounded on the base of a large glacial lake. This field has at least 4 of these areas. Unlike most of the ponds you have seen they are not depressions as the original pond has been ploughed out. (Pale green arrows show route of the walk.)

Sturts - S79b

Crops struggle to grow
These areas, where crops struggle to grow, have different soils, in patches that would have been sitting underneath the blocks of ice or which have accumulated in the depression after the ice melted. It is this difference in soil type within these ghost ponds that causes the difference in crop survival.

Sturts - S80

Continue beside ditch
Continue beside the ditch along the field boundary.

Sturts - S81

Hidden stile in far hedge
The far hedge hides a stile at the location shown.