Sturts Trail – Hidden stile & return

Sturts - S82

Hidden stile
Cross this stile to return to a location on the outward journey. You also re-enter the Sturts North Nature Reserve at this point.

Sturts - S83

Heading back
From here on you will be passing by points of interest that relate to the outward journey, but use the opportunity to locate other kettle-holes.

Sturts - S84

Return to meadow
Return to Sheep Cott Meadow and its kettle-holes.

Sturts - S85

As you return across Sheep Cott Meadow use your knowledge of kettle-holes to spot them. The aerial photo may help you identify possible areas.

Visualise this place 12000 years ago when there was the muddy floor of the former glacial lake with grounded blocks of ice slowly melting away.